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SFA Chapter 7 is proud to partner with generous donors and partners to support the educational goals of the children of the Special Forces Community.

Accepting Applications

Accepting Applications

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Special Forces Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements:

Children of Special Forces Qualified 7th SFG (A) Soldiers and Veterans of the 7th SFG(A).

SFSF awards merit-based, post-secondary, educational scholarships to the families of current and veteran U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers. This is the only organization whose sole purpose is to provide scholarships for the families of Green Berets. SFSF has matched a $10,000 donation from YOUR SFA Chapter 7 to provide a total of over $26,000 in available scholarship money this year. 

For more information on the scholarship follow this link:

Online application closes March 15th each year.  Applications will be reviewed by the SFA Chapter 7 Scholarship Board.

To submit an application follow the link in the button below!

You can also follow the Special Forces Scholarship Fund on Facebook.


SFA Chapter 7 Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements:

Children of  any 7th SFG(A) Soldier in good standing and children of  7th SFG(A) Veterans with more than 5 years (cumulative; need not be consecutive) of honorable service in the 7th SFG(A).

Through the generous support of Mr. Jay Odom, SFA Chapter 7 will award up to five, $5,000 merit-based, post-secondary, educational scholarships to the children of those who serve, and have served honorably within the 7th SFG(A).


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