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About Special Forces Association Chapter 7

Chapter VII Mission:

Special Forces Association Chapter 7 serves as the voice for the Special Forces Community in the Florida Panhandle; perpetuates Special Forces traditions, legacy, and cultural norms across generations of active and retired Soldiers. Through deeds and words, advances the public image of Special Forces and promotes the general welfare of the Special Forces Community and their Families.

Pillars of the Chapter:

The chapter is organized and built around three main pillars.


- Family


- Heritage


- Community


In order to maintain the strength of those pillars, the chapter has four focus areas for which we raise funds, apply network resources, organize volunteer efforts and execute events that directly support each.

Fund and focus areas:

Emergency Assistance for members, Soldiers and their Families: Sometimes our families have emergencies or an acute need, that the Government, Military, Veterans Affairs or other non-profits cannot meet in a timely manner. SFA Chapter 7 is there to be a responsive partner via the provision of funds and/ or services to ensure that the families who have already sacrificed so much do not have to suffer.

Memorialization of our legacy and our fallen: Honoring our legacy, remembering those that came before us, their great deeds, and their tremendous sacrifice takes effort. The construction of memorials, the conduct of ceremonies and the attendance of memorial events all ensure that we remain aware of our history and heroes, and honor them in everything we do. SFA Chapter 7 memorialization facilitates the connection between current 7th SFG(A) Soldiers, former members, families, and our fallen thus maintaining the culture and legacy of the family business.

7th SFG(A) Unit resiliency and Camaraderie event support: Deeds not words. To show the current generation of Special Forces Soldiers the value of continued service, community, and Veterans Support Organizations, SFA Chapter 7 provides direct support to 7th SFG(A) organization events that are conducted throughout the year to build team and unit camaraderie, and to foster Veteran, Soldier and Family resilience. This volunteer work, services and funding that appropriated government funds cannot for holiday events, organizational days, unit competitions, family social events, and transition / retirement support events. 

Scholarships: Annually the SFA Chapter 7 provides academic and technical scholarships for the family members of retired and active duty Special Forces Soldiers. Limited Post 9/11 GI bill benefits, coupled with the rising cost of secondary and post-graduate education has revealed the continued need for scholarship opportunities for our families. SFA Chapter 7 partners with the Special Forces Scholarship Fund, and the Green Beret Foundation to significantly expand educational support to Special Forces families.

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