Team House Initiative

SFA Member’s Team House Initiative

Chapter VII, Special Forces Association

5439 Mare Creek Drive

Crestview, Florida 32539


NOTE: Be aware that Mare Creek Drive is a 1.5 mile clay and beach sand road.  Motorcycles are advised not to travel on this road, unless the driver and motorcycle is accustomed to driving on loose sand!!




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Property Boundary and Proposed Projects

SFA Chp 7 Land Boundary

Major Projects % Complete Funded
1 Land Clearing (Debris piles, Pavilion, Trails) 75% Partial
2 Trailer Movement (Permits, Licensing and Hurricane Anchors) 100% Yes
3 Septic (Permitted and Sod) 100% Yes
4 Well (Drilled and Housed, Exterior Faucets) 95% Yes
5 Trailer Deck (Electrical Outlets, Fans and Lighting) 90% Partial
6 Interior Design (Main Bar, Reading Room, Kids Room) 80% Partial
7 Trailer Metal Roof 100% Yes
8 Exterior Shed (Ground Clearing and Pole Barn Storage) 100% Yes
9 Disability Lift (Shipping and Install) 100% Yes
10 Pavilion (Overhead cover, Picnic Tables, Water and Electrical) 0% No
11 Play Ground (Swing sets, Slides, Monkey Bars) 0% No
12 Parking Lot (Millings for Ground Cover) 10% No
13 Pistol Range (Berm Fortified, Sod, Overhead Cover) 10% No
14 Trailer Parking (Spaces Cleared, Electrical, Water) 0% No

 Timeline and Photo Library

Ground Breaking 22 February 2016 with Sam Smith, Wayne Jones and Scott Kramer. Thanks Wayne for donating your equipment to clear the land!


Burning the Debris Mounds 12 March 2016


Moving the Trailers in Place 01 May 2016


Septic Installed June 2016


 Deck Built September 2016


Sod went down October 2016


Exterior and Interior Rooms Constructed and Decorated November 2016


Open House Party December 2016


Other Improvements throughout 2017

           3588 3587

2018  A Proper Resting place for the Fort Bragg 7th SFG(A) Headquarter’s sign

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Thanks to all the volunteers that sacrificed your valuable time

and donations so we could create an awesome gathering spot.

Donate below through the PayPal Giving Fund, 501(c)(3)  and receive your tax receipt online


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