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The “Green Berets” of the 7th Special Forces Group have an exciting history that begins with the 1st Special Service Group during the 1940’s and later in the formation of the 77th Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1953 and finally reorganized into the 7th Special Forces Group in 1960. In 1962 elements of the 7th Special Forces Group deployed to Panama and formed the 8th Special Forces Group to later be re-designated the 3rd Battalion 7th Special Forces Group.

7th Special Forces Group members have been involved in every major historical event and campaign since its inception.  Many of the missions are just now beginning to be unclassified.  With many more protected with the shroud of secrecy to safeguard the mission, the United States, and the men involved.

The Chapter VII History Project is focused on capturing the oral histories of all members of the 77th, 8th, and 7th Special Forces Groups before the great deeds of great men and women are lost forever in the annuls of time.

Through the efforts of the 85 Special Forces Association Chapters throughout the United States and the World, Chapter VII has begun the task of compiling names, valor awardees, training missions, operations, a comprehensive time line, and most importantly the names of all our Fallen Special Forces Brothers who were assigned to these three units.  


Click Here > Full History From 1942 – 2013  (6.5 MB PDF)


If you have pictures, recordings, videos, or written firsthand accounts of the men of these great units please e-mail the Chapter VII History Project at SFAch7@gmail.com



Special Forces, the mistress

“Men, Special Forces is a mistress. Your wives will envy her because she will have your hearts. Your wives will be jealous of her because of the power to pull you away. This mistress will show you things never before seen and experience things never before felt. She will love you, but only a little, seducing you to want more, give more, die for her. She will take you away from the ones you love, and you will hate her for it, but leave her you never will, but if you must, you will miss her, for she has a part of you that will never be returned intact.

And in the end, she will leave you for a younger man.”

James R. Ward, OSS

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