Benefits of Joining Chaper VII

As a Chapter member you have access to 85 Chapters spread within the United States and overseas. These Chapters welcome members with open arms at any time.

You have access to Special Forces Brothers and Sisters who where on the ground creating history during Special Forces Operations in:

Cambodia, China,Cuba, Dominican Republic, Loas, Korea, Vietnam, Africa, Central and South America, every major conflict that the United States has been in since the Late 1940′s.

The family you join when you become a member of the Association are the Keepers of the Flame of Liberty, Guardians of

the Green Beret Traditions, and dedicated to the Principles and Ideals of the Special Forces Regiment.

Chapter VII exists to support the Soldiers and Families of the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) “Green Berets”.

To accomplish this Charter the Chapter raises funds from our patriotic partners within the local community and surrounding counties of the Florida Panhandle and beyond.

With these funds the Chapter assists the “Green Berets” in time of need with

  • Wounded Warrior Support
  • Memorial Support for our Fallen Heroes
  • Financial grants to Soldiers and Families of the unit in times of catastrophic life changing events
  • Welcome home parties for our “Green Berets” who are constantly deployed throughout the world on sensitive missions
  • Scholarship funds dedicated specifically to 7th Special Forces Group children

As a member you have access to the Chapters Team Room and any property to utilize for functions or host events. The Chapter exists because of its membership.

The Special Forces Association (SFA) was founded at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 1964 as the SF Decader Club. It was incorporated under the laws of North Carolina in 1971 as the “Special Forces Decade Association”, and in 1976, the word Decade was dropped.

The SFA is a 501c19 Veterans Service Organization whose membership is restricted to qualified “Green Berets” or personnel who have contributed significantly to the support of Special Forces.

Historically the Special Forces Association has provided manpower, monies, pamphlets, leaflets, and personal beliefs to educate both members and the public regarding the history, present contributions, and future development of the United States Army Special Forces “Green Berets”.

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